Aircraft » Light Jets » Citation I

June 26th, 2017

Citation I

Private Charter Jet - Citation IPrivate Charter Jet - Citation I

  • The first of the famous Citation family of aircraft from Cessna aircraft in Wichita, USA; designed to do what turbo props do only better, it was and still is successful.
  • The Citation I is of course fully pressurised, has a maximum cruise altitude of 41,000 ft and cruise speed of 357 kts.
  • This is the “original” small business jet and serves its purpose brilliantly.

If you have any questions about this aircraft or to discuss your charter requirements please call a Flight Manager on +44 (0)1202 375 444 or click here and complete a flight enquiry form

Aircraft » Mid Size Jets » Citation X

May 29th, 2017

Citation X

Citation X AircraftCitation X Aircraft Interior

  • The fastest of the Citation family, partly because of its swept wing design, this long range business jet is powered by two Rolls Royce turbofan engines. This award winning aircraft was designed in part to counter the image of the Learjet being the fastest executive jet on the market.
  • The cabin is spacious with an aft WC. Although this is the biggest Citation overall its luggage capacity is not quite as impressive as the Excel. It does however have a pressurised and heated luggage hold.
  • There are 4 beds available

If you have any questions about this aircraft or to discuss your charter requirements please click here or call a Flight Manager on +44 (0)1202 375 444

Aircraft » Heavy Jets » Falcon 7X

April 3rd, 2017

Falcon 7X

Falcon 7X Luxury Business JetFalcon 7X Luxury Jet Interior

  • This is Dassault Falcon’s flagship, a direct competitor to the Gulfstream G550 and the Bombardier Global Express. On its release in 2005 it was the first fully fly-by-wire Private Business Jet, the same technology used by Airbus.
  • Its appearance with the classic three engine design is familiar but otherwise the performance and versatility of this aircraft is unmatched in its class.
  • The cabin features everything you would expect, space, luxury,  a full galley with cabin service and state of the art passenger facilities.

If you have any questions about this aircraft or to discuss your charter requirements please call a Flight Manager on +44 (0)1202 375 444



Number of Passengers 14
Number of Pilots 2 + attendant
Luggage Capacity* 17
Standing Headroom (m) Yes, 1.89
Cabin Dimensions (WxL m) 2.31×11.90


Range (km) ** 11019
Speed (km/hr) 982
Example Flight Times (hrs:mins)
Madrid – Brussels 1:40
Moscow – Lisbon 5:25


Meals*** Superior
In Flight Entertainment Yes
Email, Internet Yes
Divan Beds 5
Toilets 1 (Fully-Enclosed)

These Specifications are for the type in general, individual aircraft may vary.  On larger aircraft catering and phone/internet charges may be billed separately.

* More luggage in total can be carried in smaller softer bags

** Range is reduced with a full passenger load

*** See Aircraft Guide for a description of typical catering services

Aircraft Guide…

February 27th, 2017

Aircraft Guide

Aviastra offers you access to over a hundred different types of jet, air taxi and helicopter, your Flight Manager has the expertise to advise you on the best aircraft for your journey.

A selection is shown in this guide, many other types suitable for all flights are available.
Call us on +44 (0)1202 375 444 for further information.

Please click on the aircraft categories to learn more on the Aircraft Comparison Pages and from there select individual aircraft for a detailed description with interior and exterior photographs.

Jet Charter - Air Taxi

Air Taxi

  • Turboprop and piston powered; these are entry level charter aircraft, the ideal choice for short to medium range trips providing flexibility and practicality.
  • They offer safe, fast, cost effective and comfortable travel and have good short runway performance to make use of the widest variety of airfields …. more
Jet Charter - Light Jets

Light Jets

  • Light Jet charters are ideal for business trips, short breaks and last minute urgent travel. New to this group are the Ultra Light Jets such as the Mustang and Eclipse – ideal for small parties on shorter journeys.
  • For business productivity and the ability to make relaxed comfortable use of your leisure time have a look at this broad range of charter jet aircraft …. more
Jet Charter - Mid Size Jets

Mid Size Jets

  • Moving up a gear the Mid Size Jets take you into serious charter territory. Ranges of over 3000km fly you across continents while offering the service of in-flight entertainment systems and full galley catering.
  • Favored by celebrities and state dignitaries these aircraft have tremendous capacity for groups of 10 or more with plenty of luggage space and comfort …. more
Jet Charter - Heavy Jets

Heavy Jets

  • Chartering one of these outstanding aircraft gives truly global access in five star luxury. Usually privately owned, these jets are fitted to the very highest standards of comfort and safety.
  • If not sleeping in a full size bed or enjoying the finest food from a full service galley passengers can conduct business while fully connected with modern communications …. more
Jet Charter - Ultra Heavy Jets

Ultra Heavy Jets

  • The Ultra Heavy Jets are modern airliners converted inside to the same standards as the finest personal private jet. Extended families, large groups or an entire company can travel in style.
  • Better than owning one’s own airline, private charter in an ultra heavy jet does not get better …. more
Jet Charter - Regional Jets

Regional Jets

  • These aircraft are similar to those used by very short haul airlines but fitted out to the very highest business class standards with excellent service and a choice of cuisine.
  • For groups of 25 or more chartering your own regional jet is often no more expensive than a similar number of airline tickets but with the added advantage of your own schedule and VIP service …. more
Jet Charter - Commuter Turbo Prop

Commuter Turbo Props

  • Business requires efficiency and hiring your own dedicated turbo prop delivers time savings, reduced office down time and reduced accommodation costs.
  • For large meetings, multi-leg tours, corporate entertainment and personalised itineraries always consider chartering a large turbo prop aircraft …. more
Jet Charter - Helicopter


  • Modern helicopters can offer the safety, speed and comfort of an Air Taxi, often with all weather and night capability, but with many advantages …
  • Fly almost literally door to door between any safe open sites or city heliports. For the ultimate in efficient use of time when travelling hundreds of miles chartering a private helicopter is often the solution for a busy schedule …. more

Airport Guide

January 30th, 2017

Over 5,000 airports available to you worldwide.

Major and popular airports only are in this guide.
Please call Aviastra on +44 (0)1202 375 444 for information on other airports available to you. We will recommend the best choice for your journey.

  • A brief description of the airport and its location
  • An indication of the size and capabilities of the airport
  • An interactive map to plan your onward journey
  • Details of recommended local hotels, taxi and limousine companies, restaurants and places of interest

Charter jets routinely make use of shorter runways and smaller airports than scheduled airlines. The choice of these and major international hubs provide a local airport reducing road travelling time.

The Aviastra Airport Guide receives constant review and additions, it can only list a small selection of the thousands of airports available to you. Call us now or click through from the country selection above for details on:


Plus recommendations for:


Executive & Private Jet Charter Flights

January 9th, 2017

Executive & Private Jet Charter Flights

“… with dedication to Service and Safety”.


Aviastra Flight Charter offers a complete air charter service from your first enquiry to your final destination.  Charter flight managers work tirelessly to get you the best price with maximum flexibility. We provide jets, air taxis and helicopters for any journey and we react fast to every circumstance. With our global database of aircraft locations you can enjoy the best aircraft and relax while we monitor weather and airway slots to keep your plans running smoothly.

Just call, tell us what you need and let us get working for you. We provide fast quotes with different options if required and focus on getting you the best aircraft at the best price.

  • Offering worldwide access to every type of charter aircraft and advisors to offer a range of prices and options to suit almost any requirement.
  • Your  flight will be handled by Flight Managers with real experience in charter flying; charter aircrew, operations controllers, flight planners and more.
  • The “Airport Guide and “Aircraft Guide” will swiftly show you the tremendous flexibility and choice of where and how you fly.
  • Private Jet Charter offers superb value under the right circumstances, sometimes the most cost efficient and almost always the most convenient.
  • VIP Service is our standard with all flights tailored to your requirements.
  • AIR AMBULANCE – A dedicated department is available 24/7 for air ambulance and repatriation flights. Uninsured and private cases are handled swiftly and cost effectively with full time support for families with relatives injured or in hospital in foreign countries. Click here for further details and to download the air ambulance information pack.

New to this great world of private flying? See “How and When to Charter”.

However and whenever you fly…

We wish you a safe and pleasant journey.

Merry Christmas from Aviastra Flight Charter …

December 20th, 2016

Merry Christmas from Aviastra Flight Charter!

Aviastra Passenger Charter – About Us

November 21st, 2016

Aviastra Flight Charter Ltd — The Company

Aviastra was founded in early 2009 to make over two decades of commercial aviation experience available to its clients and colleagues. Good private charter brokerage should combine practical knowledge, an understanding of the importance of client care, a keen business sense to provide you with even keener prices and the overall flexibility to get your flight underway quickly and simply at any time of day or night. This is what we deliver.

From offices in Bournemouth Aviastra runs functionally separate passenger charter and air ambulance operations. The teams are structured to be available 24/7 and detailed briefings between day and night duty shifts allow a seamless service for clients whose calls are welcomed at any time. Established relationships with proven and trusted operators within Europe complement worldwide access to all other Wyvern, Argus and nationally certified operators and allow Aviastra to offer a complete international air charter service.

Mission Statement

“Through hard work and commitment Aviastra strives to offer the very best experience of private air charter. By focusing on the highest standards of safety, flexibility, service and value it is our aim to be recognised as a champion to the clients we serve and as a credit to the industry we represent.”

What we do

We deliver a VIP service as standard…

  • First we listen to what you tell us, what you need and prefer. Private charters, by their very nature, are bespoke; never feel you are just a passenger, particularly if you’ve not had the pleasure of chartering your own aircraft before. Tell us your requirements and don’t spare the detail, we leave no stone unturned to make it happen for you – it’s what we do.
  • Next we Select, you will understand the importance of our working experience of the different components of a charter flight. Its quite a jigsaw and we’re good at them. Every organisation is responsible for delivering the highest performance and we constantly monitor this. In the air or on the ground, we’ve been there and we know what’s right. Operators are carefully selected on this basis; being licensed is not enough.
  • Then we communicate, all operators are fully briefed on your specific flight. Special meals, travelling with pets, preferred wines or newspapers, extra security, even a preferred route to see something on the way – just let us know.
  • And finally, we listen again. We talk with operators and our clients. On the very rare occasions that things don’t go as smoothly as they should we find out exactly why and go to great lengths to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

The Service

We broker entire capacity private charter flights for sole use of the client. This provides complete flexibility for the itinerary and routing to change at any time, before, during or even after departure. Essentially it becomes your aircraft to direct as you please (subject to safety and the capatain’s decision of course). If any changes have a financial impact then you will be at liberty to manage this through us or if you prefer directly with the aircraft operators… the choice is always yours… on everything.

Contact us 24/7 … Click here

Global Airport Guide » Switzerland » Geneva International Airport

November 14th, 2016

Geneva International Airport

- Private Jet Charter


Airport Specifications

Runway Length (m)   3900

Aircraft Size up to   Heavy Jets

All Weather Operations   Yes

Night Operations   Yes

Geneva International Airport is located 3 miles northwest of the city centre and has direct connections to motorways, bus lines & railways. It is a great airport for private jet charter.

Aircraft » Mid Size Jets » Citation Sovereign

October 10th, 2016

Citation Sovereign

Citation Sovereign for Executive Jet CharterCitation Sovereign Private Jet Interior

  • The Sovereign was designed by Cessna to fills a space between the Citation X below and the Excel above. It has FADEC for its engines and a Honeywell Primus Epic glass cockpit.
  • With a clever wing design it retains the ability to use short runways normally associated with much smaller aircraft. Seats can convert into 4 divan beds.
  • A luxury cabin provides club seating, fine dining, passenger entertainment and internet and phone connections on some aircraft.

If you have any questions about this aircraft or to discuss your charter requirements please call a Flight Manager on +44 (0)1202 375 444 or click here and complete a flight enquiry form.