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AS355 twin Squirrel

Twin Squirrel Charter Helicopter

Twin Squirrel Charter Helicopter Interior

  • Manufactured by Aerospatiale (part of the Eurocopter Group) and officially called the Ecureuil it is also marketed in the US as the Twin Star.
  • This is the entry level helicopter for all weather operations having two engines and hence being permitted to operate in cloud.

If you have any questions about this aircraft or to discuss your charter requirements please call a Flight Manager on +44 (0)1202 375 444 or click here and complete a flight enquiry form



Number of Passengers 5
Number of Pilots 1
Luggage Capacity* 5
Standing Headroom (m) No, 1.3
Cabin Dimensions (WxL m) 1.65×2.42


Range (km) ** 570
Speed (km/hr) 204
Example Flight Times (hrs:mins)
London – Birmingham 0:50
Cowes – Paris 1:20


Meals*** Basic
In Flight Entertainment No
Email, Internet No
Divan Beds 0
Toilets None

These Specifications are for the type in general, individual aircraft may vary.  On larger aircraft catering and phone/internet charges may be billed separately.

* More luggage in total can be carried in smaller softer bags

** Range is reduced with a full passenger load

*** See Aircraft Guide for a description of typical catering services

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