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Frequently Asked Questions & Private Jet Charter …

Monday, November 19th, 2012


FAQ’s & Air Charter


Charter or Scheduled?

When you hire an aircraft you hire the whole aircraft, every seat and every inch of baggage space, all yours to use at no extra cost. With enough people in the group a private charter will often work out cheaper than a business or first class ticket for everyone individually.

And of course, charter of your own aircraft brings a range of advantages. You have your own schedule, privacy to relax or conduct business, more streamlined and civilised security arrangements, bespoke catering, personal attention from start to finish and careful co-ordination of transport at the beginning and end of your charter.

Sometimes choosing a scheduled flight is the sensible choice. We will always tell you when we think this is the case.

Broker or Operator?

Aviastra is a broker. Our staff have worked in both capacities and we are confident that for you, the client, working with a broker is the best choice. There is no reason why you should pay more for all the advantages a broker will offer (See Price Guide), sometimes you will even pay less. The advantages include:

  • Your Flight Manager, a single point of contact for all your enquiries and requirements.
  • No restriction on the type of aircraft, we have access to all licensed charter aircraft worldwide.
  • Sensible choice of operator, we audit all our operators and allocate them carefully to be best suited to your flight.
  • Reduced positioning cost, our knowledge of operator location and the airway structures keep empty positioning costs to a minimum.
  • Un-biased advice.
  • Benefit of the brokers purchasing power to reduce your charges.

Which aircraft?

Most of the information you need is in our Aircraft Guide including sizes, capacities, facilities, some technical data and examples of flight times. Alternatively, let your Flight Manager make the selection for you based on their experience of literally hundreds of types. Sometimes there is just a personal preference, often we can even ensure that you have the same flight crew and cabin attendants as on a previous charter if you so wish.

Points to consider are the size of your party, the length of journey and the amount of luggage. For long journeys smaller aircraft are not necessarily cheaper. Selecting the most appropriate aircraft is all part of Aviastra’s service to you.

Do I control the schedule?

Essentially, yes! In fact this is one of the great advantages of private aircraft charter. Short notice changes, meeting over-runs or finishing early can all be easily accommodated. Charter aircraft wait on you, not the other way around.

For your safety professional air crew work to a rigid set of rules regarding duty times. If ever such restrictions look like they may have a bearing on your flight we will let you know and quickly present alternatives to your itinerary.

Which Airport?

Usually the closest airports to your initial point of departure and your ultimate destination. Although larger jets can have runway length restrictions many do not and so you have the choice of many more airports than on a scheduled flight limited to major and international airports. Smaller airports are quicker and closer, often your road transport can go straight to the aircraft side.

Very small airports can present restrictions on all weather capability, night time operations and opening hours. Your Airport Guide” on this website has plenty of information but it is there for your interest as much as anything. Please do not feel that these decisions are solely down to you – Aviastra’s service includes making all these arrangements work perfectly for you.

Hawker Beechcraft delievers 7,000th King Air …

Thursday, November 15th, 2012


7,000th King Air


Hawker Beechcraft has delivered the 7,000th Beechcraft King Air since production began in 1964 and says the ubiquitous twin-engined turboprop “reigns as [the] all-time best-selling business aircraft family”.

The milestone aircraft – a 350i – was delivered late last month to Herman & Kittle Properties of Indianapolis.

“The King Air is still king,” says HBC executive vice president Shawn Vick. “We delivered the 5,000th King Air in 1996, the 6,000th in 2005 and now we’ve reached 7,000 – clearly, interest in the all-time best-selling business aircraft family is as strong as ever,” he adds.




The fleet has amassed more than 45 million flight hours and is operated in 127 countries, as well as all branches of the US military, says HBC.

Speaking at the National Business Aviation Association convention last month, HBC president Bill Boisture said the King Air is the “sweet spot” of the Beechcraft line. “It continues to be a very profitable line of business and has huge potential worldwide,” he continued.



Aviastra Private Jet Charter …

Sunday, November 11th, 2012


The Company

Aviastra was founded in early 2009 to make over two decades of commercial aviation experience available to its clients and colleagues. Good private charter brokerage should combine practical knowledge, an understanding of the importance of client care, a keen business sense to provide you with even keener prices and the overall flexibility to get your flight underway quickly and simply at any time of day or night. This is what we deliver.

From offices in Bournemouth Aviastra runs passenger charter operations. The teams are structured to be available 24/7 and detailed briefings between day and night duty shifts allow a seamless service for clients whose calls are welcomed at any time. Established relationships with proven and trusted operators within Europe complement worldwide access to all other Wyvern, Argus and nationally certified operators and allow Aviastra to offer a complete international air charter service.


Mission Statement

“Through hard work and commitment Aviastra strives to offer the very best experience of private air charter. By focusing on the highest standards of safety, flexibility, service and value it is our aim to be recognised as a champion to the clients we serve and as a credit to the industry we represent.”

What we do

We deliver a VIP service as standard…

  • First we listen to what you tell us, what you need and prefer. Private charters, by their very nature, are bespoke; never feel you are just a passenger, particularly if you’ve not had the pleasure of chartering your own aircraft before. Tell us your requirements and don’t spare the detail, we leave no stone unturned to make it happen for you – it’s what we do.
  • Next we Select, you will understand the importance of our working experience of the different components of a charter flight. Its quite a jigsaw and we’re good at them. Every organisation is responsible for delivering the highest performance and we constantly monitor this. In the air or on the ground, we’ve been there and we know what’s right. Operators are carefully selected on this basis; being licensed is not enough.
  • Then we communicate, all operators are fully briefed on your specific flight. Special meals, travelling with pets, preferred wines or newspapers, extra security, even a preferred route to see something on the way – just let us know.
  • And finally, we listen again. We talk with operators and our clients. On the very rare occasions that things don’t go as smoothly as they should we find out exactly why and go to great lengths to ensure it doesn’t happen again. 


The Service

We broker entire capacity private charter flights for sole use of the client. This provides complete flexibility for the itinerary and routing to change at any time, before, during or even after departure. Essentially it becomes your aircraft to direct as you please (subject to safety and the capatain’s decision of course). If any changes have a financial impact then you will be at liberty to manage this through us or if you prefer directly with the aircraft operators… the choice is always yours… on everything.


Nextant 400XT Charter Aircraft …

Thursday, November 8th, 2012


Nextant 400XT


The Hawker Beechjet 400A/XP® is one of the most popular light jet aircraft due to its cabin size, speed and reliability. The aircraft is operated domestically and internationally in many missions. The drawback of the 400A/XP, and most of its competitive aircraft, is its range. The 400A/XP has a range of only 1,333 nm with 4 passengers and IFR reserves. This is largely due to the inefficiencies of the Pratt and Whitney JT15D-5 engine and certain aerodynamic inefficiencies within the aircraft nacelle design. The JT15D engine was one of the earliest high bypass turbo fan engines and thus it is heavy, has high fuel consumption and is costly to maintain.

Additionally, the JT15D-5 engine overhaul cost has increased significantly with overhauls now costing as much as $425,000. The engines are overhauled at 3,600 hours and with the average aircraft operating 450 hours per year, the opportune time for the modification is around the 8 year mark.

Replacing the JT15D-5 engines with Williams FJ44-3AP’s and installing new aerodynamically improved engine nacelles increases the performance of the Beechjet 400A/XP substantially.

Combining this engine modification with an upgraded state of the art cockpit, will make modified Beechjet 400A – Nextant 400XT- a true “category killer”. Outperforming all other light jets at its price point (Cessna CJ1, CJ2, Citation Ultra, Citation Bravo and the Hawker Beechcraft Premier) and a lower operating cost and a purchase price of aircraft with less performance. (Embraer Phenom, Grob SPn, Cessna CJ3, CJ4, Encore and Learjet 40XR).



source:nextant aerospace