Russian Aerovolga LA-8 amphibious aircraft makes its debut at the ILA

A newly formed company, Aerovolga from Samara in Russia, can offer something interesting to anyone with an interest in seaplanes. The price of an  seating up to eight people is under one million US dollars, and it is available either with two Czech M-337C or the more expensive American Lycoming O-540 engines. With a maximum take-off weight of 2.7 tonnes it requires a distance of just 450 metres on water to become airborne. Six have already been sold, and three of them are operating in Russia. The manufacturers are aiming to obtain certification by 2012 and Georgij Alafinov, the Aerovolga representative in Geneva, believes that good sales opportunities exist for this aircraft, especially in South America and in parts of South-East Asia, where the LA-8 could be used to supply the many small islands with an inadequate infrastructure. “Keen interest exists in our aircraft in India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Brazil. We can currently produce 15 aircraft a year and are confident that we shall soon be running at full capacity,” said Alafinov at the ILA.


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