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London Heathrow & Stansted runway decision may benefit industry in the long term

Monday, May 31st, 2010

BACA says UK runway decision may benefit industry in the long run

BACA, the Baltic Air Charter Association, says the decision by BAA to scrap plans for new runways at Heathrow and Stansted is unlikely to harm air charters and may, in fact, benefit the charter industry in the long run. 

The group, which represents air charter brokers and others involved in the commercial aviation industry, says that eventually the lack of runway space is likely to cause congestion and delays for both passengers and freight.

“When that happens, using charter aircraft via the smaller regional airports will become an even more attractive option,” says BACA Chairman, Dick Gilbert. “Of course, this is good for the smaller airports and the local economy as well as for the charter market.”

BACA is the world’s largest and most prestigious network for the air charter market. Its principal objective is to promote integrity and ethical business practices. It offers training and networking opportunities for members and liaises with aviation and government bodies, lobbying on matters of concern and interest to its members. It is recognised by the UK CAA, the Department for Transport and the European Commission for Mobility and Transport.


Pet Travel Scheme – Making pet travel into the UK possible, without the need for quarantine

Monday, May 31st, 2010



The Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) allows you to travel from certain countries and enter the United Kingdom (UK) with you cat, dog or ferret, without the need to quarantine as long as certain rules are met. This also means anyone in the UK can take their cats, dogs or ferrets to other European Union (EU) countries. In some situations you may be able to return to the UK from a non-EU country without any need for quarantine.

What do you need to do?

There are a few things you will need to do as part of the process to be able to bring your pet into/back into the UK. Your pet will need a pet passport and;

You will need to ensure that your pet is vaccinated against rabies, there is no exception to this, without this your pet will need to be quarantine on its return in to the UK.

Next your pet will need to have a blood test. This will need to be done to make sure the vaccine against rabies has given your pet a satisfactory level of protection.

Your pet will need to be treated against ticks and tapeworms not less than 24hrs and not more than 48hrs before your pet is checked-in with an approved transport company.

Approved Transport Companies

There are many air transport companies who are able to fly you and your pet to the UK. There are scheduled airlines where your pet will travel in a secure pet travel box in the hold of the aircraft, don’t worry the crew will know there is a pet on-board and keep the animal warm and safe! Or you can choose from a number of private charter aircraft where your pet can be in the cabin of the aircraft with you, sometimes they can be allowed out of their transport box.

Aviastra flight charter can help you arrange such flights, visit, assisting you with the process of getting you and your pet swiftly and safely in and out of the UK, making the flight just as special and comfortable for your pet as we would for you! Each operator whether scheduled or privately chartered must specify a departure country and airport from within the EU and these are listed within the defra website. There are only three current approved arrival airports into the UK. They are London Biggin Hill, for private charter air traffic, London Heathrow, usually for scheduled air traffic and Manchester for either.

You may have an onward destination, but you must fly via London Biggin Hill, London Heathrow or Manchester to clear your pet and for documention processes. As long as your documentation is in place correctly prior to the flight this should be a short stop, especially through London Biggin Hill and can usually be done on the aircraft without the need for you and your pet to have to disembark.

You can find detailed information on the Pet Travel Scheme process on the defra website, including which countries you and your pet can travel from without the need to quarrantine and information on pet passports, worming and rabies.


Cats, dogs and other rabies susceptible animals that do not qualify for entry into the UK under the Pet Travel Scheme and are required by law to spend 6 months in quarantine.