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New Aircraft, Short Runways

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

For many years it has been difficult to get in and out of some of the very small airfields in and around the UK. That time is over!

Over the last few months several operators have enetred into service the Britten Norman Islander. This industry classic, used by the Channel Island airlines and across the world is one of the most capable and safe aircraft.

Aviastra Flight Charter - Islander

Aviastra Flight Charter - Islander

This aircraft seats 8 passenegrs or can be reconfigured for 6 in more comfort. It is short range with limited in flight facilities (ther is no toilet!) but carries a tremendous amount of luggage.

Now almost any licensed airfield is available for charter, even those with very short runways like Alderney in the Channel Islands or grass runways in tricky winters such as Redhill just south of London.

Aviastra Flight Managers look forward to supplying ever-competative quotes for this superb addition to what it can offer.